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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information Checklist

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The bankruptcy court requires you to provide certain information before we can file your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. These required items are listed below.

It is helpful and speeds up your case if you bring this information to your first meeting with your Baim Law Firm attorney. In some instances, additional documentation may be required.

A certificate showing you have completed mandatory credit counseling by an approved credit counseling agency. Under normal circumstances, the counseling is done in the comfort of your home. However in an emergency, counseling may be done in our office the day of your appointment. The cost of counseling is $50.
Copies of your previous four years federal and state income tax returns.
Salary payroll stub or direct deposit records for the last six months.
Records of income from other sources including, but not limited to rents, royalties, pension, Social Security payments, child support, alimony, unemployment benefits, sales commissions, and wages from seasonal employment.
The purchase date and last billing statement for each vehicle, four wheeler, motorcycle, boat or other items you have bought and on which you are making monthly payments.
Proof of insurance for all financed vehicles including four wheeler, motorcycle, and boat.
List of creditors and balances due, including name, address, phone, zip of creditor and what the debt is for: doctor, dentist, hospital, veterinarian, pharmacy, credit cards and other credit accounts.
Your last statement for any IRA, 401(k), medical plan or other similar retirement account.
A copy of any divorce decree, property settlement agreement or other court order regarding child support, alimony or maintenance issues within the last five years. If you do not have a copy available, a letter from your attorney explaining details of these is required.
Complete address of everywhere you have lived for the last 36 months.
A copy of any court documents such as complaints, judgments, garnishments, including any ongoing lawsuit or lawsuit filed in the last 24 months with the lawyers name, address, and telephone number who is representing you.
Any documents associated with the sale of land, vehicle or other major items within the last 24 months.
A list of your property such as furniture, guns, jewelry, appliances, musical instruments and other personal property.
Copies of your most recent real and personal property tax assessments (Not the tax bills).
Copies of all titles for any automobiles, mobile homes, boats, campers, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, and other vehicles you own, or have an ownership interest in. If the titles are unavailable, provide vehicle identity numbers (VIN).
Recent business tax returns if you have any ownership or interest in a business.
Documentation of an IRA, 401K, Certificate of Deposit or other similar retirement or investement account liquidated within the last 12 months.
Copy of any mortgage and mortgage closing statement signed in the last 12 months.

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